Leading technology to produce premium wines

Built by weighting up a particular quality, it is constituted by three industrial units with thermal insulated and air conditioned designed linked by a technical gallery.

bod_nav_tan_01Tanks Unit: It is provided with a great space, equipped with the best technology, for the reception and selection of clusters and grains of grapes to make wine. It has the capacity of fermentation and storage of 500,000 litres in stainless steel of small size, with an automatic control system of temperature to ferment each parcel of vineyard individually and under strict control.

bod_nav_bar_01Barrels Unit: It has two well differentiated environments, one for the process of malolactic fermentation, and the second for wine preservation and raising. In both cases the different temperatures and humidity can be controlled in a simple way, depending on the needs in each stage of winemaking. It is designed to store a total amount of 1200 oak barrels of 225 litres in only two levels high.

bod_nav_bot_01Bottles Unit: The purpose of this unit is the division, ripeness, labelling, and shipment of products to different markets. Everything is under a strict control of temperatures, with modern facilities and equipment. The total storage capacity is about 750000 bottles.


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